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Are you in the process of separation and divorce? Do you have children who are affected by your separation/divorce? Are there still some residual feelings towards your spouse that makes separation difficult?

Family Mediation involves one-on-one or joint meetings with parents who are in the process of separation and divorce. Family Mediation assists you to identify critical steps to acheiving a peaceful separation, developing plans for co-parenting, and making decisions to ensure the best interests of your children.


Is your child involved in conflict at school?

As parents, are you in conflict with school administrators?

As school administrators, are you stuggling to work with parents on their children's issues?


School Mediation is a pathway to bring multiple ideas together and facilitate collaboration. School Mediaiton

provides support, addresses issues, and finds solutions to problems between parents, children, and schools.

Workplace Mediation

Is your workplace challenged by past trauma, toxicity or an inability to adjust to cultural or structural changes?

Workplace Mediation assists organizations to overcome challenges, develop better communication and cooperative attitudes toward each other. Workplace Mediation addresses organizational trauma and creates a trusting and safe work environment.