Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step to obtain mediation services?

If you are interested in mediation, please call or email me to discuss your concerns and set an appointment for an-hour-consultation meeting. Meetings can be at my office, at your school setting, or at your workplace.

What are your qualifications?

EDUCATION: PhD in Psychology Accredited Family Mediation M.A in Counselling Psychology B.A in Social Science Please see the about page for further info.

Are Mediation services covered by OHIP or other insurance plans?

Family Mediation is not covered by any insurance plans. School Mediation is not covered by any insurance plans but may be covered by school budgets. Workplace Mediation may be covered by organization's insurance plans. Please check your workplace insurance coverage for further details.

How is mediation used to help my child with problems at school?

School Mediation is used to resolve conflicts between parents and school administrators, between students and teachers, and between students. If you or your child are experiencing conflict in your interactions with school administrators, please contact me to set up an appointment for consultation.

Are Mediation services private and confidential?

Mediation services are confidential unless there is a safety concern. After each session, the memorandom of understanding (MOU) is written and emailed to the parties participating in the meetings. Family Mediation sessions can not be subpoenaed. The MOU agreement is not a legal binding document. The MOU or Parenting Plans is sent to family lawyers to present at the family court.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel your appointment in less than 48 hours, a cancellation fee will be applied. The cancellation fee is equivalent to one hour mediation session. If you are not able to attend your booked mediation session, please contact me within 48 hours of your appointment, either by phone, text, or email.

What is the fee for Mediation services?

I will be happy to provide you a fees quote at the consultation meeting.

If your question is not listed, simply contact Tahereh. She'll be happy to respond.


I look forward to meeting you.

Please call or email to book an appointment.

Daytime and evening appointments are available. 

411-1849 Yonge Street

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